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Extradims cargoes transshipment

Extradims cargoes transshipment
In July of 2011 two specialized vessels Stellaprima and Daniella arrived in Arkhangelsk port. The vessels delivered superextradims project cargoes: the maximum length of the packages - 30, 37 and 52 meters, height up to 9 meters, maximum weight - 148 tons, 244 tons and 272 tons. The cargo was discharged by the vessels’ cranes (each vessel is equipped with two 250 tn cranes) onto 5 barges for further transportation to Tobolsk port. 

Boreal coordinated the entire project in Arkhangelsk, including transshipment, stevedoring operations and customs formalities. In addition we acted as ship’s agent for these vessels. Handling of this cargo was a unique operation for the port of Arkhangelsk due to extreme weights and dimensions of the items as well as the complexity of the customs transit procedure. 

The project was successfully completed in just 7 days (to compare, in 2010 without the participation of Boreal group, similar cargoes were transshipped through the port of Arkhangelsk. Same operations took more than 30 days!).

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