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Airtransportation of the cable

Airtransportation of the cable
In May 2011 Boreal won the tender for the transportation of 94 reels with cable (total weight of the cargo 71,556 kg and total capacity of the cargo 137.181 m3) from South Korea to Murmansk that will be installed on the «Prirazlomnaya» platform. 

The first phase of this multi-modal transportation began on the 3rd of May, when the cargo was loaded on the aircraft IL-96 in Incheon International Airport (flight Incheon – Moscow). After the goods arrived on the 4th of May in Domodedovo airport, our personnel organized swift loading of the cable on 5 cars which were sent to Murmansk under inner customs transit procedure. On the 9th of May the reels for the platform arrived in Murmansk, where the customs clearance procedures immediately began. The goods were customs cleaned on the 17th of May and immediately delivered to the SRP-35. 

Having successfully delivered the first batch of cable from Korea to Murmansk, Boreal has been then awarded the contract to organize the transportation of the rest of the cable for the needs of Prirazlomnaya platform. All in all in June 2011 we have delivered about 170 tns (252 drums). Having ironed the logistics scheme after the first transportation, we made sure that the transportation went smoothly and without any delays. 

On the 29th of June the last batch has been delivered to ROSTEK customs warehouse and on the 2nd of July it was customs cleaned and delivered to SRZ-35. We were happy to take part in such an interesting project as it was the biggest airlift we have done so far. We are sure that this new experience will help our company open new business opportunities and expand our experience our workers.

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