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Eide Barge 37

Eide Barge 37
One of the big projects for the Russian North is close to completion – the construction of MSLP “Prirazlomnaya”. The next step in this project is the transportation of the platform from port of Severodvinsk to port of Murmansk install different equipment and prepare it for final step – transportation in Varandey area where it will be istalled.

Boreal took its own part in this project! We have chartered a large barge that will for the next 10 months (with the possibility of charter prolongation) act as a berth-bridge between “Prirazlomnaza” and Shipyard 34. Eide Barge 37 is a massive barge with deadweight of 10125 tns, 91.44 m length and 27.4 m width. On 16th of November Eide Wrestler, a tug also chartered by Boreal, has arrived to port of Murmansk with Eide Barge 37 in tow. Within 12 hours after arrival the barge has been brought under temporary importation customs regime and ready to be moored to Shipyard 35.

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