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Transportation of the caterpillar excavating machine R480LC-9S «Hyundai»

Transportation of the caterpillar excavating machine R480LC-9S «Hyundai»

There was organized transportation of the goods by trucks to the warehouse, development and harmonization of railway layouts describing stowage and fastening of the cargo on the railway platform, and loading of the caterpillar excavating machine R480LC-9S «Hyundai» on the request of the customer. Total weight of the machine was 49 tons and the dimensions were 12 060/3 340/3 840 mm. Also, it was necessary to perform cabin paneling, matching of railway plans and other related operations.

hyundai Scheme

Transportation route was from the station «Arkhangelsk» (code 290507) to the station «Lena» (code 927105). The distance was about 5457 km. Transit time took about 12 days in December.

The work was performed within the time limit due to the experience and high competence of the staff.

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