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Pipes transshipment at Arkhangelsk

Pipes transshipment at Arkhangelsk
Starting from late August and till the beginning of October 2008, Boreal took part in a large project: organization of transportation ex port Leith, GB as well as transshipment at port of Arkhangelsk, PRR “Economia” the cargo of concrete weighted steel pipes. Pipe length abt. 11.5 meters , outer diameter 1.4 meter , weight abt. 21.4 tonns. Ten vessels delivered to Arkhangelsk 1715 pipes weighting abt. 36594 tonns. The cargo is destined for further transportation to Baydaratskaya Bay for “Gasprom” funded gas pipeline construction at Bovanenkovo gas-field. According to current estimation main part of the project – two pipelines “Bovanenkovo – Ukhta” each 78 km long, will be completed by year 2011. 

Currently, within the framework of the same project, dredger “Oranje” under Boreal agency is working at Baydaratskaya bay, trenching into the seabed. 

Pipeline building project at Baydaratskaya bay, where environmental conditions are very harsh, is a unique experience not only for Russia , but for the world as well.

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