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Dredger "Oranje", Boskalis BV

Dredger "Oranje", Boskalis BV
By the end of June 2008, the third and final part of dredging operations at Varandey terminal was over thus signifying the completion of the project itself. 

But the visit of dredger "Oranje", Boskalis B.V. in the north of Russia is far from over as immediately after completion of the work at Varandey the vessel moved further north to take part in a large Gazprom lead project of gas pipeline construction at Bovanenkovo gasfields at Baydaratskaya bay. It is estimated that it should take about 3 years to build two 72 km long underwarter pipelines. 

The working conditions at Baydaratskaya bay are even harsher then those at Varandey and with supply lines are almost non-existent. Still, Boreal team has and will assist our partners from Boskalis through the entire project, in arranging bunkering, water supply, cargo transportation and many other services.