Services in the sphere of chartering and agency service
forwarding of freights.
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About company

Boreal Group is a rapidly developing company based in Arkhangelsk, the first historically northern port of Russia. The group was founded on the 9th of June, 1995 and since that time has grown.

Boreal Shipping ltd. specializing in chartering- and agency services. 

For the last 14 years Boreal has been very active in the transportation sector, providing such services as: 

  • worldwide chartering;
  • forwarding services, including railway, containers, heavy lifts, project cargoes (as well as railway transportation of superextradims cargo with max diameter of 4.5 m and max weight up to 450 tns);
  • chartering and forwarding services in the North regions of Russia, including stevedoring operations at the port of Varandey 
  • 'door to door' logistics within Russia and worldwide;
  • customs clearance assistance in Arkhangelsk & Murmansk customs;
  • ship agency in all White Sea ports;
  • worldwide and coastal deep-sea and river towages;
  • cargo condition and draft-surveys.

With Boreal’s experience in operating at the port as both ship agents and freight forwarders, we can provide quick and efficient handling of the vessels, transshipment by rail or any other types of transport. 

Ships position

in the port of Arkhangelsk, under Boreal Shipping Ltd. agency service

Vessel's name
Loading / discharging place
CargoETAETC / ETSPerson in charge
'Lady Isabel'Sawmill 5/7 + 26 
Sawngoods in packages 16.10.18
Pavel Vanyuta 
+7(960) 0110117
'Lady Irina'Sawmill 26  + 25
Wood pellets
'Lady Hester'Sawmill 5/7 + 25Wood pellets

'Lady Helene'Sawmill 5/7 + 25 
Sawngoods in packages 

'Banier'Sawmill 5/7 + 26
Wood pellets

'Nordersand'Sawmill 5/7 + 26Sawngoods in packages19.10.18---
Yuriy Kartsev
+7(960) 0110116
'Berum'Sawmill 25Wood pellets16.10.18---
Yuriy Kartsev
+7(960) 0110116
'Barents'Sawmill 5/7 + 25Sawngoods in packages23-24.10.18---

'TBN'River port + city roadScrap - ---

Onega sawmill
Sawngoods in packages  16-18.11.18

'TBN Briese'Onega sawmillSawngoods in packages 25-27.10.18---

'TBN'Ekonomia terminalGeneral cargo----
'Monchegorsk'Ekonomia terminalGeneral cargo22-23.10.18---

Successful projects

Transportation of wood pellets
Every month up to three vessels under Boreal agency leave port of Arkhangelsk to carry up to 10000 tns of wooden pellets to ports in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway.
Ferromanganese transportation to Lipetsk and Cherepovets
Since 2005 Boreal Shipping, acting as ship broker, forwarder and ship agent for one of the largest metallurgical companies – Severstal, has been transporting shiploads of ferromanganese (each about 3000 mtns) from ports of Dunkirk, France and Mo I Rana, Norway to port of Cherepovets, Russia.
Dredger "Oranje", Boskalis BV
By the end of June 2008, the third and final part of dredging operations at Varandey terminal was over thus signifying the completion of the project itself.